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Step Back in Time: Explore Log Cabin Living

Spirit Lake Lodge

Way before computers and cell phones, folks came to Spirit Lake (elevation 10,200 feet) to fish, hunt, and just plain enjoy themselves. Today you can stay in the historic log cabins built before there was even a road here (they hauled materials across the lake by boat!). Built in 1936, Spirit Lake Lodge has been a favorite spot for families and friends to enjoy nature, breath pristine air, and let cares go away! Enjoy roasting marshmellows on your own campfire just outside your personal cabin deck. Listen to the creek burbling next to your cabin. Stoke the woodburning stove in your cozy cabin while enjoying soft sheets and queen-sized beds. Split wood, if you want (or we will do it for you), and enjoy the soft glow of an historic kerosene lamp in the evening. You can experience what it was like to live in the old west as the mountain men and forest explorers lived. Cook your own food over an open fire, or come inside the lodge for a home-cooked dinner and a million-dollar view.

Spirit Lake Lodge is a true digital detox resort. Cell phones do not work here. (We have a mountain phone for emergencies.) There is no internet access or electricity to charge or power your devices. It is a chance to disconnect with the cyber world and re-connect with your family, friends, and nature. Enjoy fishing, bird watching, hiking or strolling through the forest, or playing board games with your family. It is a chance to renew relationships in the healing, healthy alpine atmosphere and marvel at the stars in the night sky.

Devide Nature at its Finest Devide

Services at the lodge include a small store for needed camping supplies and ice cream bars; rowboat, paddle boat, and canoe rentals; and a restaurant which is open for three meals a day Thursday through Sunday.

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